Sunday drive… the foliage this year is especially brilliant.


Even though it’s an off day for us after working at a job site extra long days finishing a bathroom gut and redesign so the client can have 30 guest over for a Sunday Brunch party while living in a major total house renovation site. We spent the last two hours of our work week staging the house – even turning some boxed cabinetry into a buffet table. Today we go for a long Sunday drive into the Hudson Valley for a day of leaf peeping and talking about our projects… so not really a day off, rather a day of brainstorming, design and troubleshooting and course fine dining along the way. Even thought this view overlooking the Hudson Valley from the Scenic Overlook out side of New Paltz was amazing in all it’s colorful glory – I’m intrigued how much I really see into this image viewing it in sepia. A good day to put away my cell phone, iPad, laptop and be captivated by Mother Nature’s natural environment to invigorate the mind, body and spirit.


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Inspired Designs for your Space, Product & Brand. I'm obsessed with creativity, design, art, fashion, photography... my life is one big art project.
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