“All I want for Christmas are my two…”


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“Whose birthday is it, anyway?”

STILL VALID question

“Whose birthday is it, anyway?” The Fallon McElligott ad for The Episcopal Church Circa 1988 pretty much says it all for me, my family and friends can attest to this… I’ve hung this ad in the bathroom every holiday since it was published, talk about a captive audience, hopefully it makes them reflect and think about the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas! TKraft

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Some believe nothing is original… what goes around, comes around. It’s impossible not to be influenced, but you can build on what others have done and make something new, exciting, and unique to you.

Christmas-ChandelierI ‘dittoed’ a blog I follow and made my own Christmas Chandelier using a box of mirrored disco glass ornaments, shiny silver ribbon and antique crystal prisms found in Newport RI during my travels. Even though it’s only on a country farmhouse light I still think it’s pretty flashy in a GOOD way. Happy Decorating!

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Sunday drive… the foliage this year is especially brilliant.


Even though it’s an off day for us after working at a job site extra long days finishing a bathroom gut and redesign so the client can have 30 guest over for a Sunday Brunch party while living in a major total house renovation site. We spent the last two hours of our work week staging the house – even turning some boxed cabinetry into a buffet table. Today we go for a long Sunday drive into the Hudson Valley for a day of leaf peeping and talking about our projects… so not really a day off, rather a day of brainstorming, design and troubleshooting and course fine dining along the way. Even thought this view overlooking the Hudson Valley from the Scenic Overlook out side of New Paltz was amazing in all it’s colorful glory – I’m intrigued how much I really see into this image viewing it in sepia. A good day to put away my cell phone, iPad, laptop and be captivated by Mother Nature’s natural environment to invigorate the mind, body and spirit.

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“Nothing is more attractive than someone who walks and stands with confidence. Remember, you can’t have style without it.” – Charlotte Moss

Too beautiful not to share. I love when I walk into a home that has photos and artwork on the walls. I believe one should hang up their pictures and artwork regardless of whether they’re in the right frame or not. Get them up on the wall, live with them, enjoy them and then, if only really necessary re-frame them one by one. So common do we see piles of undisplayed photos and life passing us by without enjoying what we have. – TK


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This pile of letters or pile of potential words just about sums up my current thoughts in general, so much to write about, but don’t know exactly where to start. Sunday I went on the 2nd Annual Newburgh Open Studio and Gallery tour. It was a wonderful event for all artist alike whether, displaying their talents or those artist wandering the streets viewing the galleries and studios. Getting to converse first hand was truly inspirational. Attached is one of the many photos I had taken along the way at a thriving bookbinding business. A pile of old letterpress fonts dumped because someone only wanted the trays, what where they thinking? FYI the shop owner was given stacks of filled printers trays on the catch ‘SHE only keeps the type’.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


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Look what I PICK’D’ up today for less than $4.00 a foot…

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To anyone that knows me… knows I was born a history buff. I’m NOT one to personally pick any one political side or, another, or at least broadcast my pending vote… BUT – look what I picked up today while … Continue reading

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My new friend Sharon is already making my head spin with inspiration and creativity. You go girl!

Zen I Can (an hour at a time)

Twelve and a half years into the no longer new millennium finds me bobbing along, wondering where my life preserver is as I barely keep my chin above water. Truth be told, I am getting a little tired of treading.

Born in the mid-20th century, I am a bona fide baby boomer, but what I am feeling is not unique to that generation. Any woman who approaches “a certain age” will probably experience what I am going through. Which is: bouncing enthusiasm with new energy and ideas, feeling positive about this wondrous stage of my life, only to be blindsided by scattered focus, fuzzy memory, lethargy, and at times, downright depression.

We compare notes with our friends, are given wide berth by our families, and are diagnosed by our doctors. We go on anti-depressants, up our Valium and/or vitamins, do more yoga, seize the day, peruse the self-help section in…

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A mix between Julia and Martha

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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always said – when I grow up, I either want to be Julia Child or a carpenter, but have turned into my mother instead… a mix between Julia and Martha, I was … Continue reading

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WOW this is AWESOME & 2cool not 2share—check out these recycled fashions—more chic—and unique—than anything you can find on a rack. Rough And Tumble takes that idea to another level by choosing dresses with gorgeous silhouettes from the 1900s through the 1970s and transforming each through tie-dye. fab.com/ushops/10/

Source: fab.com via TKraft on Pinterest

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